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Transplanted New Yorker by way of Boston, currently embracing California life with middle-aged gusto.

A Baby Boomer and member of the "Sandwich Generation," I am the mother of a teenaged son (almost completely out of the nest) while dealing with aged parents and in-laws.

My day job is writing marketing materials for clients all over the world. My company is Mighty Pen. So what do I do for fun? You guessed it! I hang out with other writers all over the world here on Hub Pages!

Can't quite believe it's been three years. Time flies when you're learning to backlink, having your Amazon account disabled (then reinstated), dealing with Panda, and sparrring (good-naturedly, of course) in the forums.

It's quite a ride! Hope you'll join me on it!!!

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    What is "physical"sobriety?

    2 years ago

    Want to be sober? Don't drink alcohol! By Erik Wannee (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons According to the dictionary, "sober" means not addicted to intoxicating drink. It also means showing no excessive...


    AA Is a Cult & Other Myths of Recovery

    3 years ago

    Last night I heard an AA member actually use the "c" word. He said when he first came into AA he refused to drink the Koolaid because... "AA is a cult. " I had just read those exact words --...


    Family Funerals: How to Keep Out Unwanted Guests

    17 months ago

    Planning a funeral or memorial service is like planning a wedding. There may be good reasons to restrict attendance and ban certain people, including family members. Why and how to make yours private.

  • 33

    Movie Review: The Social Network

    22 months ago

    "The Social Network" is the story of a Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg, who becomes the world's youngest billionaire by creating Facebook. If you need me to tell you what Facebook is, you're even more of...


    Charlie Sheen Suffers from DIGFAST (mania)

    4 years ago

    Are you sick of Charlie Sheen? Charlie isn't sick of Charlie Sheen -- not by a long shot. But Charlie Sheen is sick. The question is, what exactly does he suffer from? In the wee hours of the morning I found myself...


    2011 Celebrity Dead Pool

    3 years ago

    The All New, All Year 2011 Celebrity Dead Pool Contest Back by popular (not to mention morbid) demand, It is time for the Celebrity Dead Pool Contest 2011 edition.  Our friend and fellow Hubber rockinjoe...

  • 17

    How To Choose The Perfect Diamond Ring

    3 years ago

    First Step: Romancing the Stone So you're ready to pop the big question. Now comes a key test of how well you know your bride to be. Is your fiancee's taste more traditional, old-fashioned, avant-garde or modern? What...

  • 55

    Why Doritos Are the Missing WMDs

    3 years ago

    The use of Doritos as inflictors of pain is more common than you might think. In fact, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reported no fewer than 9,7283 incidents of Doritos Double Dipping (DDD) during the 2009...

  • 66

    Dead Kittens -- A Poem

    4 years ago

    Is there anything sadder than a kitten that’s dead? Its eyes bulging out of its little dead head? Its coat matted down with dark blood that is drying Its face all contorted – no peace for the...


    How to Choose Your Engagement Ring-- Part I

    4 years ago

    So you've found your perfect mate and she's said "Yes!" Now comes the challenge of finding the perfect engagement ring. Naturally, you want your fiancee to be overcome with joy and to wear her engagement ring...


    Marry Me! A Guide to Getting Engaged

    5 years ago

    So you're thinking about popping the question. The question is, how, when, and where should you do it? Getting engaged is a big step in any relationship. The actual marriage proposal is a big deal, too, for single...

  • 74

    Empty Nest Syndrome: Let Go, Mom!

    3 years ago

    There is no job on earth as rewarding as being a mother. Being a dad is cool, too, but different. Moms are biologically programmed to love, love, love and love some more. From the minute you hear those blessed words,...


    Alcoholic Recovery. Is Relapse Necessary?

    3 years ago

    The answer is: Yes, for most alcoholics (and drug addicts), relapse is part of the journey. The vast majority of people do relapse at least once on their road to sobriety. It is the rare alcoholic indeed who is...

  • 48

    Film Review: Joan Rivers A Piece of Work

    5 years ago

    I did not expect to enjoy this documentary chronicling a year in the life of 75-year-old comedienne Joan Rivers. But I did. I did expect to be disturbed by certain aspects of her life. And I was. But the disturbing...

  • 88

    Best Beauty Pageant Answers

    22 months ago

    A look at how beauty pageant finalists mess up on the big final question and lose the crown. A professional communicator advises how to answer 'loaded' questions and avoid disaster.

  • 134

    How does an alcoholic ruin your life?

    22 months ago

    Alcoholism is a disease and the alcoholic's actions make no sense. The people around the alcholic become sick also as codependents.This hub helps anyone living with or loving an actively drinking alcoholic or using...


    Oh Christmas Tree: a branch-by-branch guide

    3 years ago

    For those who celebrate the holiday, the Christmas tree ("tree") ranks right up there with gifts, eggnog, and sugar cookies as a must-have tradition. In fact, I would venture to say the Christmas tree is the...

  • 38

    The Deer In the Graveyard

    5 years ago

    There are no deer where I live. At least, I've never seen one in my neighborhood. But in Marin County, deer roam the hills freely and pop up in the oddest places. One afternoon a full-sized doe and her baby hopped...

  • 66

    What's Your Restaurant Personality Type?

    4 years ago

    Have you ever been embarrassed by your dining companion? Given a friend the benefit of the doubt, until her waiter abuse became too much to ignore? Or maybe you're the one who takes an agenda with you out to eat....? ...

  • 77

    What Makes a Good Mother

    5 years ago

    Child A gets into Harvard and goes on to become a famous brain surgeon. Child B drops out of high school, takes a dead-end job, and spends his days getting high. How much, if any, of the credit/blame for these choices...

  • 23

    Grandma Esther's Thanksgiving Pot Roast Recipe

    3 years ago

    Despite the Normal Rockwell (oops -- is that a Freudian slip? I meant Norman Rockwell) paintings, many American families celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in alternative ways. Depending on their culture, their feast...


    Your Halloween Costume Personality

    5 years ago

    Halloween is as much for adults as it is for kids. Okay, so we may not get to trick-or-treat, but we do get to dress up. Whether you're going to a Halloween party or staying home to answer the door, you're bound to have...

  • 41

    Say Aloha to Hawaiian Hula Dance

    3 years ago

    Ah, the hula. If you've ever been to Hawaii you have undoubtedly enjoyed the exotic, hip-swaying dance called "hula." Beautiful island women (and men) tell stories and "act out" the music through...

  • 35

    Hangover Poem: Queasy Headed Morning

    4 years ago

    Emotional napalm Exploding me awake   Can’t quite remember Wish I could forget    Jangly nerves twitch With too much caffeine   Acidic from last night’s Liquid supper...

  • 96

    You Might Be Alcoholic: Warning Signs

    3 years ago

    The disease of alcoholism is baffling (actually, it's cunning, baffling and powerful). To the outside observer, the drinker's self-destructive behavior makes no sense. To the drinker him/herself, it doesn't make much...

  • 92

    Top '80s Indie Bands

    3 years ago

    Lesser known but still great bands from the 80s. Some faded away with the decade. Others are still around and performing. All these 80s bands had an impact on my life. They represent no particular musical genre. Some...

  • 38

    Songs About Love and Loss

    22 months ago

    Love stinks, love hurts, love makes you cry. Sometimes when your heart is broken you need a song that lets you feel the pain. Patsy Cline, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Eric Clapton with Tracy Chapman,Righteous Brothers,...

  • 41

    My Dragonfly and I

    4 years ago

    The subtle commotion Caught my attention Flailing so helplessly Sputtering, flapping Spinning itself To a watery grave Got up from my chair To see what was happ’ning Determined, deliberate The...

  • 453

    How to steal your family inheritance

    13 months ago

    This tongue-in-cheek hub describes how to get your hands on your own inheritance and get more than your fair share. It describes how to do this while one parent is still alive by implementing a legal trust and then...

  • 264

    Family Betrayal: My Sister Is No More

    3 years ago

    My sister, My sibling, What have you done? Betrayed me, Dismayed me, Who have you become? Our father Our mother Grow older, regress My heart aches I care take Yet feel no duress They raised...

  • 20

    Understanding Your Phone Bill: the Softer Side of ATT

    4 years ago

    Who doesn't love Ma Bell -- or whatever the hell she's calling herself these days? The phone company has always played an important role in my life. Not only does it supply me with local, long distance and Internet...

  • 31

    10 Steps to Social Security Survivor Benefits

    4 years ago

    In America, when a working parent dies, his/her family is entitled to survivor benefits from the Social Security Administration. This is something I'd never thought much about -- until last month. My 17-year-old's...

  • 33

    Sibling Rivalry: Why My Husband Is Jan Brady

    4 years ago

    Okay, so my husband (Hubby, to those of you familiar with my hubs) is not the middle daughter of a blended family. He does not wear miniskirts. Heck, he's not even blonde. But recent events have caused me to see some...

  • 63

    Smoke In a Can, Snus

    4 years ago

    I have recently discovered a new store in my neighborhood. This store sells tobacco products at discount prices, and I have household members who indulge in tobacco products. Now, before you break out the sermon...

  • 47

    Do You Like My Dr. Seuss Books?

    4 years ago

    Generations of children have cut their reading teeth on the simple rhymes and elaborate illustrations of Dr. Seuss books. The endearing characters of these books live on in our memories. The rhyme schemes also live on,...

  • 43

    Social Climbing for Klutzes (like me)

    3 years ago

    Whether it's India's formal caste system or prestige based on job title, people are not created equal -- at least not socially equal. Ever since ancient times, when primitive man looked over and saw his neighbor...


    Can you stop someone from drinking themselves to death

    15 months ago

    Alcoholism is a baffling and frustrating disease. Watching someone drink themself to death is heartbreaking. You want to help the alcoholic but how? Everything you do seems wrong. The alcoholic keeps drinking. This hub...

  • 27

    Songs About Triumph Over Cancer

    3 years ago

    A compilation of uplifting, encouraging songs put together in tribute to a friend battling breast cancer. These songs -- lots of funk and groove from the '70s can't help but make you get up and dance. If you or someone...

  • 47

    My Big, Fat, Ghetto After-Funeral Memorial Party

    22 months ago

    Futo nerals are a social occasion and the grieving family is the host. A case study of how organizing a "party" in the midst of grief makes funeral planning harder on the survivors.

  • 26

    Driving Test Day at the DMV

    4 years ago

    This hub started out with the title "A beautiful day at the DMV." There I was. Sitting in the passenger seat of my car. Accompanying my son to his big, long-awaited, long-practiced-for driving test. Sonny was...

  • 74

    Do Police Really Protect or Even Serve?

    4 years ago

    Police cannot be everywhere. They have only so many resources in the fight against crime. Even with a cop on every corner, there'd still be bad guys (and bad girls) getting away with murder -- not to mention assault,...

  • 75

    Dying: A Guide to Crossing Death's Doorstep

    4 years ago

    This hub offers a breath-by-breath-to-last-breath guide to help you recognize and participate in each stage of your loved one's last weeks, days, hours and minutes of life. Like fingerprints, each person's exit from...

  • 54

    Dying Guide: Why I Hate Hospice Care

    3 years ago

    Die young and leave a beautiful corpse? Or hang in til you reach a ripe, old age so people can say, "He had a good life."? Clock out suddenly with no notice? Or wither away slowly over weeks, months or even...

  • 25

    Songs Baby Boomers Love

    4 years ago

    The Beatles' hit "When I'm 64" was released in 1967. I was 10. I couldn't picture myself being 24, let alone 64. Well, let me tell you something. As a '57 classic (not a Chevy, tho), I'm actually towards the...

  • 50

    Scary Songs that Scare Me

    3 years ago

    For Halloween or anytime you want to be spooked out, certain songs chill us to the bone because of their lyrics, their tone, or both. Here are some songs that I find scary. Includes videos of: In the Year 2525, The...

  • 34

    Is That Vacation Invitation a Scam?

    3 years ago

    There I was, pacing the living room, wracking my brain for ideas. What could I possibly say about "Improving Your Life" that would stand out from the Hubmob (hundreds or thousands of other Hub Pages writers...

  • 29

    MXC -- Funny and Silly TV

    4 years ago

    MXC, formerly "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" is the stupidest, slyest, dirtiest, zaniest, absolutely best reality show on TV. Bold statement? Yes, and I fully expect some backlash. But since MXC is...

  • 52

    Christmas Sweaters: Light Up Your Holidays

    3 years ago

    Embroidered vests, glittery sweaters, even clothing with lights. Christmas attire makes the wearer look like a decorated tree. Why do people decorate their bodies at Christmas more than any other holiday? The phenomenon...

  • 11

    Movie Review: Rachel Getting Married

    6 years ago

    Addiction is a family disease. It affects not only the addicted person, but every member of his/her family. In "Rachel Getting Married" the heroine's addiction is clearly central to the family's dysfunction,...

  • 20

    Funerals -- a Survivors' Guide

    3 years ago

    I am not a morbid person. Honestly. True, this is the third hub I've written on the subject of funerals and dying. With any luck, I will be taking a long hiatus to write about the joys of sending a son off to his senior...

  • 563

    Sex After Rape -- Victims' Coping Tactics

    22 months ago

    Trauma of rape affects victim's sex life in different ways. Some rape victims become promiscuous to try to regain control of their bodies. Other rape victims shut down sexually which hurts their relationships. Many...

  • 33

    The 10 Most Popular Christmas Movies

    3 years ago

    Watching holiday movies is as much a part of Christmas tradition as tree trimming, cookie baking and shopping. And with Netflix, DVDs and Tivo, you don't have to wait for your favorites to air or choose between watching...

  • 288

    10 Scariest Movies Ever

    5 years ago

    When it comes to horror, there are many genres. Personally, I lean toward the psychological thriller. Monsters from the deep or giant apes are not for me. Aliens from space? No thanks. But draw me into the sociopath's...


    Obesity Epidemic in America: Who Is to Blame?

    22 months ago

    Americans are getting fatter and our on-the-road lifestyle is largely to blame. Fast food is fat food. Eating high fat, high calorie meals in the car is making us both fatter and sicker.

  • 85

    How to Comfort Your Man

    3 years ago

    There's a joke that circulates on email every so often about how to please a woman (a list of about 50 items) vs. how to please a man (Show up naked. Bring beer). Sure, that's all well and good for everyday. But what...


    If You Are Bipolar Stay On Your Meds

    22 months ago

    Often people who are bipolar hate the side effects of their bipolar medications. They don't realize the meds are helping them until they stop taking them. This hub talks about the importance of working with a...

  • 69

    Is it morbid to plan your own funeral?

    3 years ago

    I just attended a lovely funeral. This being my first Chinese-American funeral, I had quite a bit of time during the Cantonese language portion of the program to think about how intensely personal, yet universal...


    10 Tips for Living Drug, Alcohol, Smoke Free

    3 years ago

    Are drugs, alcohol or cigarettes ruling your life? Have you tried quitting only to pick back up again -- even though you really, really want to stop? Stop beating yourself up. You are not a failure. You're an addict. ...

  • 101

    Know Your Patron Saints, A Prayer Guide

    2 years ago

    I come from a Catholic household. Catholic of the Irish variety. I qualify this because different ethnicities have special saints they pray to and have festivals to honor. I thought today would be a good day to tackle...


    How/When to Choose a Teen Drug Rehab

    3 years ago

    First of all, I hope you never, ever have to. Second of all, know that you are not alone. If my experiences -- yes, plural -- can be of any help to you, I offer them here. The reality is that with today's super strong...

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